Rehband lyftingabelti, neoprene

6.490 kr

The X-RX Lifting Belt is especially suitable for sports activities and weightlifting.


Benefits & Features:

• Relief and stabilization for compound movements that can cause lower back pain
• Prevents overexertion and soft tissue injuries in the lower back area
• Provides feeling of safety, performance, stability, body control, and proprioception.
• Slip resistant, comfortable, and has quick-drying technology


Key Details:

• 12 cm (4.75 in) width
• Can be used as a powerlifting belt, squat belt, deadlift belt, workout belt, kickboxing belt, weight training belt, or as a back brace for lifting weight

• Metal buckle: Steel
• Cover: Polyester
• Foam: Ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA)
• Wash in warm water with similar colors, use laundry bag or net, fasten buckle

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