ON movement tights Long svartar

19.990 kr

A high snug waistband means once your tights are pulled up, they actually stay up. (No adjustment-gymnastics on our watch.) The wide, smooth cut ensures a secure fit, and the longer length gives you a little extra coverage when you’re out and about on cooler days.

Where are you headed?

Whether you’re on a hike, stretching your mind and body in a yoga class, or just relaxing during your well-earned down time, these full-length tights are your new best friend. Engineered for smooth movement with ultra-soft, stretchable fabrics that feel great against the skin.

Stash potential: High

We know the power of a good pocket. That’s why we’ve added one on the outside leg at the tips of your fingers with plenty of space for essentials, and another hidden in the waistband with space for valuables. Less time juggling your phone, keys or cards. More time moving. Perfect.